About Us and our Inspiration




StyleUp is a web application, which, according to your personal sizes inserted, creates a unique lifelike 3D model of yourself, calculates your Body Type, recommends most flattering and suitable clothing for your Body Type, gives online Style Advice and an awesome opportunity to virtually try on Clothes, Garments and Accessories. We invite you to explore StyleUp and find your own unique style.




We all want to be our best - look beautiful, feel confident, happy and satisfied. There are many things which can help us feel that way and clothes we wear are a big part of it and might be the miracle makers, if you get it right. Our inspiration comes from the daily challenge – what to wear, so that it makes me feel good? How to get the whole dressing thing right and look my best? 


Sometimes it`s hard to decide and know which clothes suit best for you – how the outfit, that you have imagined in your head, will look on you in real life? How to mix and match clothes the best way? Sometimes it`s hard to decide all by yourself and you would just love to have some help and second opinion. That`s where we can help! 


We are passionate about beauty, and all what makes people beautiful. Your inner and outer beauty both support each other and must reflect your best self. When you feel beautiful, you are more confident and more happy about yourself. And confident and happy people do great things and can achieve anything! With that in heart and mind, we created StyleUp. 


We can´t make everything happen for you, but we sure can help you with all things clothing and how to look your best! We don`t believe in over consuming and following every single fashion trend just because. 


We don´t believe in buying yet another garment just to throw it away few months later. We don`t believe in owning a whole bunch of clothes yet never wearing majority of them. 


We do believe in quality, right size, cut, color and shade. And right prints, dots and stripes, accessories and materials. But most of all, we believe in you. Because it´s all about you, your unique measures, proportions and style. It`s not about the latest fashion and trends, but how you can bring the best out of your uniqueness and incorporate the fashion based on your beauty and style. 


When you have the clothes that fit you and you find yourself smiling every time when catching your reflection in the mirror – you know you have found so much more than just the most flattering clothes. You have found a piece of yourself. We believe in what we do and we hope that our creation will inspire you to find your true style.




Make a lifetime investment in your Great Sense of Style, join StyleUp and get yourself The Dress Code Etiquette E-Book for FREE!